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Massage Roller - FlexRoll

Massage Roller - FlexRoll

Prix habituel 29,99€
Prix habituel 29,99€ Prix soldé 39,99€
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Massage Roller - FlexRoll

Prix habituel 29,99€
Prix habituel 29,99€ Prix soldé 39,99€
SAVE 25% Épuisé

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FlexRoll – Textured Massage Roller for Muscle Recovery and Deep Relaxation



  • Innovative Design: With its raised geometric patterns, the FlexRoll effectively targets muscle tension points, promoting better blood circulation and accelerated recovery after effort.

  • Versatility: Ideal for warm-up sessions, recovery, or relaxation moments, this roller is the perfect massage accessory for athletes and wellness enthusiasts alike.

  • Durability and Comfort: Made with high-quality materials, the FlexRoll withstands wear while remaining flexible enough for a comfortable massage, even on the most sensitive areas.


  • Athletes: For athletes looking for an effective muscle preparation and recovery tool.

  • Sedentary Individuals: Ideal for those who spend long hours sitting and wish to relieve muscle tension.

  • Therapists: A complementary tool for physiotherapists and massage therapists in their treatments and rehabilitation sessions.


  • Q: How to use the FlexRoll for optimal effect?

    • A: For best results, use the roller on tense muscles in slow and controlled movements, applying pressure adjusted to your comfort.
  • Q: Can the FlexRoll be used on the entire body?

    • A: Yes, its size and shape allow for use on different body parts, such as the back, legs, and arms.
  • Q: Is the FlexRoll suitable for daily use?

    • A: Absolutely, the FlexRoll is designed for regular use and can be incorporated into your daily wellness routine.


  • Quality Guarantee: We guarantee that the FlexRoll meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

  • Assured Delivery: Enjoy fast and tracked shipping, so you can start benefiting from your massage roller without delay.

  • Responsive Customer Service: Our dedicated team is here to answer all your questions and guide you in using your FlexRoll.

The FlexRoll is much more than just a massage roller; it's a revolution in your approach to well-being and muscle recovery. Add it to your cart now to feel the difference after each workout session or long day at work.

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