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Say goodbye to dull, lifeless surfaces and hello to a vibrant, polished finish that lasts!

EverGloss™ is here to provide the ultimate solution for reviving, rejuvenating, and protecting your beloved pieces.


EverGloss™ penetrates deep into leather and wood, rejuvenating and bringing back the original luster and richness.

It breathes new life into your furniture, making it look as good as new.

Our unique formula creates a protective barrier against stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring your furniture stays beautiful for years to come. EverGloss™ safeguards your investment, extending the life of your items.


Perfect for all types of leather, wood and even metal surfaces, EverGloss™ is your go-to solution for sofas, chairs, car interiors, wooden tables, and so much more.

Its remarkable versatility means you can use it on virtually any piece of furniture or décor item that needs a touch of revival and protection.

Its multi-surface compatibility delivers unparalleled results, bringing new life to your treasured possessions and maintaining their elegance for years to come.


Experience the magic of immediate transformation with EverGloss™, as its unique blend of natural oils and waxes deeply penetrates surfaces, nourishing and revitalizing from within.

From the moment you apply it, the natural oils seep into the fibers of the surface, instantly replenishing moisture and restoring vibrancy.

No waiting, no hassle—just instant, visible results that leave you amazed.


With its smooth and creamy texture, EverGloss™ is incredibly easy to apply.

Here’s a quick 4-step guide to using the salve:

Step 1 - Clean: Start with a clean, dry surface to ensure maximum absorption.

Step 2 - Apply: Apply a small amount of EverGloss™ in circular motions using the brush that is included in each order.

Step 3 - Buff: Let it sit for a few minutes, then buff with a clean cloth to reveal a radiant shine.

Step 4 – Enjoy: Admire the renewed beauty and enjoy the lasting protection.

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  • ★★★★★

    Astonishing !

    I’ve never reviewed a product before but this salve is a must-have product for restoring leather furniture. I originally bought it to restore a vintage Ralph Lauren Chesterfield sofa I have but wanted to test it first. I used it on my Ethan Allen leather armchair with EverGloss and was amazed at how well it turned out. A little bit goes a long way, I applied cream with the brush and rubbed the product in thoroughly, letting it set overnight. The finished result is amazing!! My chair looks brand new and the leather cream covered up all the dry, cracked, water-stained, scratched surfaces. I highly recommend this ‘awesome sauce’ for anyone wanting to restore their leather furniture.

    Shawn B.

  • ★★★★★

    Totally Worth It

    Magical! Used EverGloss Salve on a 30 year old Coach purse that hadn't been carried in 20+ years that I thought would have to be thrown away. Transformation is amazing! Going to start carrying the purse today! The color looks new and the leather is soft and supple!

    Lina R.

  • ★★★★★


    I am including before and after. I have two identical sofas and both were in the same condition. Extremely dry seat cushions and rough. They amazingly are now smooth. They look great! The results speak for themselves. After day 3 it is still the same. The seat backs were perfect with one coat. I can't recommend it enough.

    Joseph E.

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We offer a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee that begins only when you receive the product!


If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact our helpful customer support and ask for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EverGloss safe to use on all types of leather and wood?

Yes, EverGloss™ is formulated with natural oils and waxes, making it safe for all types of leather, wood, and even metal surfaces. It will not damage or discolor your items.

How often should I apply EverGloss to maintain my furniture?

For best results, we recommend applying EverGloss™ every 2-3 months. However, frequency may vary depending on the amount of use and exposure to environmental factors.

Will EverGloss leave a sticky or greasy residue?

No, EverGloss™ is designed to absorb quickly and leave a smooth, non-greasy finish. Just make sure to buff it well with a clean cloth after application.

Can EverGloss be used on antique furniture without causing damage?

Absolutely! EverGloss is gentle enough for use on antique furniture, helping to rejuvenate and protect these valuable pieces without causing any harm.

How long do the effects of EverGloss last?

The protective barrier created by EverGloss can last several months, depending on the level of wear and tear. Regular application will ensure your furniture and leather goods remain in top condition.

Is EverGloss environmentally friendly?

Yes, EverGloss is made from natural ingredients that are safe for both your furniture and the environment. Our formula is eco-friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals.