Interview with Lilia Delcroix, Osteopath for 5 years.

Written by Xavier Delafosse | 08/19/2023

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In this exclusive article, we meet one of our contacts and friends, Lilia Delcroix*, 32 years old, Osteopath for 5 years.

Lilia was trained at the Osteopathy Institute in Toulouse, in the Midi-Pyrénées region, France.

Lilia is a lovely person and a true anatomy enthusiast. If you have a muscle or joint that hurts, she usually knows exactly what to do to make the pain go away.


  • Does posture corrector really work?
  • Does the posture corrector represent a health hazard?
  • Why do users like CorrectWay so much?
  • How to avoid the negative effects of CorrectWay?
  • Why do some people talk about side effects of posture correctors?



Opinion of the osteopath:

So that we can agree on what CorrectWay is, I want to define the device. (2).gif__PID:4d986d32-63ef-4f5c-b277-651f5894bac0

CorrectWay is a complete posture corrector that also supports the lower back, in addition to the upper one. It is an adjustable harness that adapts to each person and each situation.

The main advantage of this type of device is that it actually makes it very easy to correct a person's posture, because it holds your skeleton in place. On this point we agree. However, it is not a miracle cure for all back pathologies.

The problem is usually:

A person who has back pain all the time may be tempted to wear CorrectWay far too often.

In the absence of effort, the muscles of the shoulders, torso and back risk becoming inhibited. This phenomenon is called amyotrophy.

The problem is that CorrectWay is not meant to be used all the time. How can you regain good natural posture afterwards if you have weaker back muscles than before?

This is the point of discussion raised by various osteopaths and certain physiotherapists.


Opinion of the osteopath:

Personally, I don't fault the use of CorrectWay.

For some people who have already tried everything to reduce their back pain, wearing CorrectWay allows them, in many cases, to reduce their back, lumbar or neck pain. In general, these are often elderly people, former athletes or workers whose backs are worn out due to carrying heavy loads.

In addition they provide an E-Book, which I find great because it explains how to use CorrectWay, but not only that. He provides exercises to practice every day that I personally approve of. Finally, this E-Book aims to be more complete than the simple treatment of back pain, it addresses other themes such as nutrition or neuroscience.

Remember that certain serious back pathologies, such as herniated discs, should not be taken lightly and require careful attention.

Do not attempt to self-medicate if you are sick, with or without CorrectWay! Only a true healthcare professional knows what is needed for your spine.

Talk to your doctor.


Opinion of the osteopath:

As CorrectWay is a new product, there is not yet a valid scientific study on the long-term use of these devices on the user's health.

To do this, it will of course be necessary to divide the users into several groups based on:

  • The number of hours CorrectWay has been worn.
  • Body habits.
  • Hygiene of life.
  • State of health.

In general, in my opinion, CorrectWay must be used periodically (a few days per week) and never for more than 4 hours in a row (this is to avoid creating a phenomenon of counterproductive prolonged immobilization of your back muscles) .

Generally speaking, there are no other significant contraindications to the use of CorrectWay, other than that you should not use it without a doctor's advice if you have a spinal condition. or dorsal.

To avoid the most common negative effects, I can recommend:

  • Only wear CorrectWay a few days a week and a few hours a day.
  • Do not sleep with the device, it is useless.
  • Preferably only wear CorrectWay when you feel the need or are in pain.
  • When you are not wearing the device, force yourself to sit or stand up straight to work your back muscles.
  • Ask your osteopath for advice.
  • Improve your daily posture and lifestyle.


Opinion of the osteopath:

Not everyone is equal at the physiological level and does not have the same state of health.

Some people do not have a body suited to wearing CorrectWay. They therefore have a negative experience.

But here too, we must differentiate between people who have misused CorrectWay and back patients who use CorrectWay without seeking the advice of their osteopath. In the context of certain diseases, this can be counterproductive.

It also happens that some people continue to have back pain even when using CorrectWay. These are often people with a completely different illness (apart from the back area) or major spinal problems.

I have spoken with some people who complained that they would return to their poor posture as soon as they no longer wore CorrectWay. Keep in mind that an orthopedic device is only used as part of a real fitness process and that if, apart from wearing CorrectWay, you still have bad postural habits, progress will be very little. significant.

If you have any doubts about your state of health, do not hesitate to contact a health specialist.

Further information :

If you have any doubts about your state of health, do not hesitate to contact a health specialist. Our speaker wishes to remain anonymous following her statement, her first and last name have been replaced by a pseudonym.

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